In the GoGrid system you pay for:

  • Your Cloud server usage (hourly pay-as-you-go, hourly RAM plan, or prepaid term)
  • Your Dedicated servers (prepaid term)
  • Software (not OS) licenses such as Microsoft SQL Server or paid partner GSIs
  • Your outbound data transfer
  • Your cloud storage usage in excess of 10 GB
  • Your Dynamic Load Balancers after the first one

* RAM plan usage is measured in RAM hours. A server RAM hour is the amount of RAM allocated to a server multiplied by the number of hours
the server has been deployed.  Example: One 2 GB server deployed for 1 hour = 2 server RAM hours.

* Prepaid terms include: monthly and annual term commitments paid in advance of service.

Included free with every GoGrid account:

  • 10 GB of cloud storage per month
  • Unlimited inbound data transfer
  • 24/7 Support
  • Licensing fees for Windows Server, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Firewall Service

Provision and manage the following GoGrid products and features all via the GoGrid management console or API:

Payment Options for GoGrid Products and Features

Cloud Servers (Virtual Servers)

There are three payment methods for cloud servers:

  • Hourly Pay-As-You-Go: pay only for usage on a per hour basis.
  • Prepaid RAM Plans: prepay on a monthly basis for a specific allotment of server RAM hours.
  • Monthly and Annual prepaid Cloud Servers: Prepay for your server for a specified term; in return for your commitment, you save significantly. View prepay server options and pricing on the Cloud Server product page.

About Usage Charges
When you deploy a cloud server, you begin accumulating usage charges whether the server is on or off. Once your virtual server is created, you are paying for usage. For hourly customers this means that you are using hours as long as the server exists. Hourly rates are maintained in the customer account even if this rate changes in the future. For prepaid RAM plan customers this means that you are using RAM hours allocated to that server for as long as that cloud server exists.

By default, GoGrid customers begin with Pay-As-You-Go billing. You are not charged until you provision infrastructure. You can provision hourly, prepaid monthly, and prepaid annual prepaid Cloud Servers from the portal.

About Prepaid Cloud Server
If you deploy prepaid servers, you’re billed in advance for each server. Prepaid servers automatically renew at the end of the service period. To stop all charges, you simply delete all cloud servers in the account before the end of the term. Prepaid servers are not prorated. For example, if you create a 1 GB monthly prepaid cloud server using GoGrid and 10 days later delete the server, you’ll still be charged for the full month. If you deploy a single server for 10 days, delete the server, and then deploy a second server for the rest of the month, you’ll be charged for two monthly prepaid cloud servers.

Dedicated Servers (Physical Servers)

Dedicated servers are charged on a pre-paid monthly or a pre-paid annual basis. A monthly or annual pre-payment plan also applies to any operating system image deployed that has an associated licensing fee, such as Windows Server, MSSQL, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

For more on GoGrid Dedicated Servers and payment options visit Dedicated Servers.

Data Centers

Usage is billed at the same rate regardless of which data center is used (US-West-1, US-East-1, or EU-West-1).

  • Pay-As-You-Go customers are charged per hour for usage in all three data centers.

RAM plan and Transfer plan allotments apply across data centers; it doesn't matter where the usage occurs. For example: If you are on a memory plan that allows 14,500 RAM hours

  • You may use 10,000 RAM hours in US-West-1 and 3,500 in US-East-1 and 1,000 in EU-West-1
  • You may use all of the 14,500 RAM hours in US-East-1
  • Or any other combination

Software Licenses

All Cloud Servers include free Linux and Windows operating system licenses. If additional software is selected, such as SQL or partner licenses, these fees will be charged per month for as long as the server is deployed and are not prorated. For example, if a cloud server with SQL is added and deleted twice in a billing period, you will be billed for two SQL licenses.

Dedicated servers may have OS licenses associated with them and are charged on a monthly basis for as long as the server is deployed. For a complete list of OS licenses offered pricing see the Dedicated Server product page.

Dynamic Load Balancers

The Dynamic Load Balancer (DLB) uses two-factor pricing. The first DLB on your account is free (first 744 hours). After that there is an hourly usage charge. You will also be charged for any outbound traffic through the DLB, in addition to regular outbound traffic charges. The DLB is currently available in all our data centers.

Cloud / Block Storage

All GoGrid customers receive up to 10 GB of free cloud storage per month. Billing for cloud storage begins after the initial 10 GB of storage per month has been exceeded. Block Storage has a different pricing model.

  • You must opt in to accept charges for exceeding the initial free quota of 10 GB, otherwise 10 GB will be the hard limit for your cloud storage capacity.
  • Cloud storage is charged per GB /month—over 10 GB. Please see the GoGrid Cloud Storage product page for current Cloud Storage rates. Block Storage has different rates.

For more information, visit Cloud Storage.

Data Transfer

All inbound data is free. Data transfer charges are not charged until you turn the virtual server on and send data. This includes your own bandwidth used to log into the system remotely. If you're using remote desktop to manage Windows or SSH for Linux, you are being charged for that bandwidth leaving your server. When your system is offline you are not paying for data transfer.

Billing Cycle


Pay-As-You-Go customers are charged once a month on their bill date (the day their GoGrid account was opened).

Prepaid Cloud Servers

Prepaid monthly and annual servers are charged based on their service period. The Service Period starts the day the Server is spun up and runs through the term. The service period may be different from your account bill date. Prepaid servers are not pro-rated and are billed in full on your next bill date.

Example: A Monthly Cloud Server that was spun up on 8/15 has a Service Period from 8/15 to 9/14. Assume a customer’s next bill date is 8/31. This customer will pay the full amount for the Monthly Cloud Server on 8/31 (per the design there is no pro-ration, and the customer only receives a single charge on their bill date).

Prepaid Dedicated Servers

Prepaid, monthly, and annual dedicated servers are paid in advance and are billed according to the customer's bill date. The first month is pro-rated and then per-payments begin according to the customer's bill date. There is no pro-ration for canceling before the end of the billing term.

Example: A Monthly Dedicated Server that was spun up on 8/15 is prorated for the partial month. Assume a customer’s next bill date is 8/31. This customer will pay the pro-rated amount plus the prepayment amount for the Monthly Dedicated Server on 8/31.

Prepaid RAM and Transfer Plans

If you are a Prepaid Plan customer, GoGrid will charge your prepaid plan fee on a monthly basis. Your billing cycle begins on the date you created an account.

Sample RAM Plan Pricing Scenario

Rates: $0.12/server RAM hours | $0.12/GB data transfer | $0.15/GB cloud storage

A cloud server created with 1 GB RAM that exists for 40 hours before being deleted + transfer in 40 GB data + transfer out 10 GB data + 12 GB cloud storage space utilized:

1 GB RAM x 40 hrs x $0.12 = $4.80
(40 GB x $0) + (10 GB x $0.12) = $1.20
12 GB - 10 GB = 2 GB x $0.15 = $0.30
Total = $6.30

Net 30 Days

Available for qualifying customers; contact a GoGrid sales representative for details.

Account Plan Migrations

Changes to account plans can be made at any time during the billing cycle. The changes take effect on your next bill date.


For plan upgrades, the change is effective as of the customer's next bill date. The Billing Widget will reflect the change on the next bill date.


For plan downgrades, the change is effective as of the customer's next bill date. The Billing Widget will reflect the change on the next bill date.


You can view the usage details for your account by clicking on My Account > Usage.
View a tutorial of the Usage Report.

20120828 Usage Current.png

Usage for metered and fixed services is shown for the current billing period. You may also choose to search by previous billing period or a custom date range.

20120828 Usage Custom.png

Note: if you are an Hourly RAM Plan user, see this page for more information about viewing your usage in the GoGrid Customer Portal.


Invoices are generated once a month on your bill date (the day your GoGrid account was opened). You can view your invoices in the customer portal.

To view your invoices:

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal.
  2. Click on My Account from the top navigation.
  3. Click on on the Billing Tab
  4. Click on the View Payments/Invoices link in the left navigation menu

    You can view the details of each invoice/payment by clicking on the invoice/payment number.

    20120828 Payments and Invoices.png

  5. Click on the Update Payment Info link to update payment info for your account.

    20120828 Update Payment Info.png

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