Network connectivity is a key differentiator for GoGrid. An add-on service that we provide to enable hybrid is called Cloud Bridge. It provides data center connectivity between customer provided equipment (CPE) in a data center to the GoGrid cloud. Cloud Bridge can be used to cloud burst from your data center to the cloud, backup to the cloud for disaster recovery or to migrate to the cloud completely.

Key Features

  • Private Network Connectivity between data center and the cloud
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Monthly pricing based on port speed
  • No need to establish encrypted VPN for transit
  • Redundant options
  • Copper and Fiber accepted

Data Center Availability

Cloud Bridge is currently available in US-East-1 and in a more limited version in US-West-1

Ordering Cloud Bridge

Cloud Bridge is available as an option on the GoGrid management console. You can also order Cloud Bridge by working with your sales representative. Call 1-877-9-G0-GRID.

In the management console, select Add and you will be prompted with the "Add a New Object" screen. Make sure to select the data center in which you want to connect to Cloud Bridge since the options will differ and the product is data center specific. Click on "Network" in order to display the Cloud Bridge icon.


Port Options

  • 100 Mbps
  • 1 Gbps
  • 10 Gbps (US-East-1 only)
  • Redundancy

Getting Help

See our Support page for information on contacting GoGrid for any questions or issues that arise.

Standard Configuration

Cloud Bridge is Layer 2 only and you will need to setup the private connectivity on your own. GoGrid will provide a tagged hand-off. We'll automatically map your port to your private VLAN. You can only use GoGrid IPs so you are essentially extending your GoGrid private VLAN to your infrastructure (“VLAN spanning”). Redundant setups are configured as an aggregate link to the same VLAN. If you have other requirements, work with the Solutions Architects.

  • Must use 802.1Q/tagged
  • Only best effort traffic is accepted.
  • Do not send QinQ frames
  • Access is only to your GoGrid private VLAN. Do not send public traffic to your private interface!
  • You can only use your GoGrid private VLAN (cannot bring your CPE VLAN into GoGrid).
  • GoGrid will handle everything from the Cloud Bridge port and into GoGrid. Anything outside the port (i.e. the cross-connect, CPE, etc.) is the responsibility of the customer.


Cloud Bridge offers a redundant option. You'll need to purchase two ports of the same speed. The ports will send traffic to the same VLAN. They will be on different physical switches and run as an aggregate link with LACP in active mode (CPE side). This will be two separated tagged handoffs and we require the CPE to be configured as a stacked switch.

  • Aggregate handoff of two links – must be able to accept 802.3ad aggregate handoff running LACP on customer equipment in active mode
  • Since this is an aggregate link, this means that you get access to double the bandwidth (1 Gbps port means you get 2 Gbps with redundancy selected)
  • You must also have a stacked switch to receive the dual links from Cloud Bridge in order to maintain redundancy

NOTE: Be cautious about forming a loop! If Cloud Bridge detects spanning tree it will stop traffic on your port.


You are responsible for ordering the cross-connect from your data center. For those in Equinix Data Centers - requests for cross connect can be submitted by downloading the corresponding order forms at | Equinix Careforms.

Send the completed forms to the Equinix Customer Response (ECR) team at If you have access to the Equinix customer portal, you should also be able to order it from there as well. Support will have the Z side information.

Customers using Cloud Bridge in US-West-1 can only connect to our Co-Location racks.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I enable spanning tree on Cloud Bridge?

No. If Cloud Bridge detects spanning tree it will block traffic on your port.

What is the difference between Cloud Link and Cloud Bridge?

Cloud Link is a GoGrid product that provides secure and private access between our US-West-1 and US-East-1 Data Centers. Your traffic never leaves GoGrid. Cloud Bridge is private connectivity between your equipment in a data center (like Equinix) and your GoGrid account. Cloud Bridge connects outside equipment with GoGrid.

Is Cloud Bridge redundant?

The Cloud Bridge switches are organized in pairs that are fault-tolerant and on different racks. So yes, the equipment is redundant and also monitored by our data center staff. However, that is only half of the infrastructure. In order to ensure that your connectivity via Cloud Bridge is also redundant, we recommend purchasing Cloud Bridge as a redundant setup. This means that you will purchase two ports of the same speed - we will then point it to the same GoGrid VLAN. We also recommend that you have your own switch pair on the receiving end in order to ensure that is also redundant.

If the redundant setup points to one VLAN then why I am paying for two ports?

You are consuming two physical ports so this is why you are paying for both of them. However, we configure redundant ports as an aggregate link so you get double the bandwidth (2 Gbps vs. 1 Gbps with one port) so you also get the benefit of additional bandwidth with your purchase

How do I get my GoGrid severs to communicate with the equipment in my data center?

Cloud Bridge enables VLAN spanning of your GoGrid private VLAN so your equipment can be configured to be on the same VLAN as your GoGrid Servers. If you need IP connectivity, you can assign GoGrid private IPs to your equipment. However, you should make sure to mark these as assigned so that you don't use them for other infrastructure in your account. You can mark private IPs that you are using for your equipment as assigned by going to the List view and toggling the status of the IP.

Will GoGrid guarantee the latency from Cloud Bridge to my equipment?

Data Centers are vast and we won't know where your equipment resides relative to Cloud Bridge. We also have no control of the line between Cloud Bridge and your equipment so we cannot have any latency guarantees on this connection.

What if I want to connect through a carrier line from my data center?

You can't order this option through the management console but contact a sales rep if you are interested in this option.
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