GoGrid Cloud Storage is a scalable and reliable file-level backup service for Windows and Linux cloud servers running in the GoGrid cloud. Windows and Linux cloud servers mount the storage volume via a secure private network and use transfer protocols to move data to and from the cloud storage device. Storage allotments scale on-the-fly and you pay only for what you use, allowing you to keep costs low. NOTE: Cloud storage is only accessible from GoGrid servers over the private network.

Key Features

  • 10 GB of free cloud storage
  • Free data transfer in and out of cloud storage
  • Access cloud storage using familiar transfer protocols such as SCP, SAMBA/CIFS, and RSYNC
  • Windows and Linux servers can share the same storage quota

Data Center Availability

Cloud storage is currently available in US-West-1, US-EAST-1, and EU-West-1.


Cloud storage is not available through the API.

User Manual

See the Cloud Storage User Manual for instructions on adding cloud storage to your infrastructure.


A total of 10 GB of cloud storage is included with all GoGrid accounts at no additional fee to customers. Billing for cloud storage begins after users exceed the initial 10 GB storage utilization. You must elect to deploy cloud storage just as you would a server or load balancer. Charges will accrue once the initial free quota of 10 GB has been surpassed. Each GB of data over the initial 10 GB quota will be charged.

Please note that users are only billed for storage that is utilized; the quota is adjusted on a daily basis based on current utilization of the service. Users will not be charged for the entire quota, but will be charged for any portion of the quota that is currently utilized. Charges are billed out once per month for the maximum utilization of space during the month. For example, if you use 25 GB for the first 20 days during your billing period, raise your utilization to 40 GB for 3 days then reduce it back down to 25 GB for the remainder of the month, you will be charged for 30 GB (40 GB utilization - 10 GB free storage allotment) for the entire month.

If you plan on needing a larger allotment of cloud storage space beyond what is automatically provisioned for you (i.e., your current quota is 100 GB and you plan on utilizing an additional 200 GB in one day), please submit a support case via the customer portal to have your quota adjusted.

Getting Help

See our Support page for information on contacting GoGrid for any questions or issues that arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've configured my private IP address to access cloud storage, but I am still unable to connect. What's wrong?
After configuring the private IP address, you still need to add the route between the private IP and your cloud storage hostname. Please see the Cloud Storage Quick Start Guide for more information regarding your specific operating system. Note that if you have Private Network Automation (PNA) enabled, you will not need a create a static route. Just mount cloud storage using your favorite protocol.
  • I have Private Network Automation (PNA) enabled but my server does not have a private IP address assigned to it.
This could be one of two things. First, any existing server will not have PNA, only new servers that you deploy after enabling PNA. Second, you might have PNA enabled only on servers in one data center and not the one that you are currently configuring. Contact support if you want PNA enabled for new servers in a particular data center.

  • I currently only have utilized 100 GB of cloud storage, but I need immediate access to 300 GB of space. Can I just go ahead and utilize that space without exceeding my quota?
No. Cloud storage will thin provision (scale) your quota in 100 GB increments once you reach 80% utilization of your current quota. This happens on a daily basis, so if you need your quota to be increased by a very large amount in one day please submit a Support case via the customer portal.

  • I can't seem to access my cloud storage allotment from my home computer. What's wrong?
Cloud storage is only available via your private GoGrid network. There is no public access to cloud storage outside of the GoGrid servers on your account. Servers must be configured on the private network in order to access cloud storage from a GoGrid server. Please see the Cloud Storage Quick Start Guide for more information.
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