NOTE: These instructions assume that you've already configured your system to access cloud storage.

Connecting to Cloud Storage as a Network Share

To use cloud storage as a network share, you will need the following information.

  • Hostname: Your username can be found in the customer portal Grid View and List View. It differs by data center and follows this pattern:
    • US-West-1: [customernumber]
    • EU-West-1: [customernumber]
  • Username: Your username can be found in the customer portal. Click on Support > Passwords.
  • Password: Your password can be found in the customer portal. Click on Support > Passwords.

Mounting Cloud Storage on Linux Servers

NOTE: Some versions of RHEL and CentOS cannot mount Samba or do passive FTP without first running the following command to alter iptables:
iptables –I INPUT 1 –j ACCEPT –p tcp –s –d

This will accept all traffic from the cloud storage network for some server images. If you still cannot connect to cloud storage after running this command, run the following command to flush the iptables:

iptables -F

Your cloud storage allotment can be mounted to your local machine via the command line. You will need to install the Samba-Linux client. To check if it has already been installed, run the following command:

rpm -qa | grep samba

If it has not been installed, install it by running the following command:

yum install samba-client
for CentOS or
up2date samba-client
for RHEL systems.

Create a mount point to mount to your cloud storage on your Linux system:

mkdir /mnt/cloudstorage

You can then mount the remote drive locally:

mount -t cifs //[hostname]/[customernumber] /mnt/cloudstorage -o user=[customernumber],pass=[password]

Depending on the distribution, i.e., Linux 4.X versions, you may want to remove the -t flag in the command line and replace user with username and pass with password. Here is an example of what the command may look like:

mount -t cifs // /mnt/cloudstorage -o user=16642,pass=19fd3jf


mount -t cifs // /mnt/cloudstorage -o user=500126,pass=20ge4hg

Connecting to Cloud Storage from Windows Servers

Your cloud storage allotment can be mounted to your local machine through Windows Explorer. Follow the steps below to mount your cloud storage allotment as an additional drive on your Windows machine:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Select Tools > Map Network Drive.
  3. Under Drive, pick any letter you wish to associate with your cloud storage allotment, such as S: for storage.
  4. In the Folder location, type the hostname of your cloud storage allotment followed by the directory you wish to mount to (if any). This will be something like:
  5. \\\16642



  6. Check the "Reconnect at Logon" check box to ensure that the drive is mounted persistently after reboots.

You will be asked for your cloud storage user credentials when accessing the drive for the first time.

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