GoGrid Dedicated Servers are ordered and managed directly from the GoGrid Customer Portal. Dedicated servers use the same public and private networks as your GoGrid Cloud Servers, F5 Load Balancers, and Cloud Storage, which allows you to build a high performance, scalable hybrid infrastructure. Hybrid infrastructure refers to a server network built from a combination of dedicated and virtual servers that can be used to host dynamic web applications and scale on-the-fly.

Key Features

  • Build and manage hybrid infrastructures (dedicated and virtual) from a web-based control panel
  • Choose from a wide range of operating systems, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS, and Windows
  • Instantly provision hardware F5 load balancing and load balance both dedicated and cloud servers
  • Free inbound data transfer and unlimited data transfer on your private VLAN
  • No set-up fees and no long-term commitments

Data Center Availability

GoGrid Dedicated Servers are available in all data centers.


GoGrid Dedicated Servers are not currently available through the API.

User Manual

See the Dedicated Servers User Manual for more information on deploying dedicated servers.


Dedicated Server Options and Pricing

For current options and pricing see our Dedicated Server product page.

For information related to prepaid server billing please see the billing page.

Windows Images

When selecting a Windows image, caution must be taken to ensure the selected Windows image corresponds to the number of processors in the selected dedicated server. Windows Server and MSSQL licenses are priced per processor, so there are separate images for 1-processor and 2-processor licenses. It is up to you to choose the proper image when deploying a GoGrid Dedicated Server. Choosing the wrong image will not save money, but will delay the deployment of your dedicated server.

Click here to view image options available on GoGrid Dedicated Servers.

Payment Options

You can pay monthly or annually for your GoGrid Dedicated Server. A monthly or annual pre-payment plan also applies to any operating system image deployed that has an associated licensing fee, such as Windows Server, MSSQL, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Monthly Prepaid Dedicated Servers

GoGrid Dedicated Servers are prepaid monthly and require a one-month commitment with no refunds. Dedicated server fees are prorated to fit your monthly billing cycle.
The monthly fee for GoGrid Dedicated Servers does not appear in the billing widget, which is located in the Grid and List views of the customer portal. Follow these steps to view your GoGrid Dedicated Server invoice:

  1. Log in to the customer portal.
  2. Click the My Account tab in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click the Billing tab.
  4. Click the Billing Info link in the left-hand column.
  5. Click the Invoices tab.

Annual Prepaid Dedicated Servers

If you deploy prepaid servers, you’re billed in advance for each server. To stop all charges, cancel the servers in the account before the end of the term. Prepaid servers are not prorated.

Getting Help

See our Support page for information on contacting GoGrid for any questions or issues that arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which operating systems are available for GoGrid Dedicated Servers?
See GoGrid Dedicated Server Images for a list of available operating systems.
  • Can I customize the hardware specification of a GoGrid Dedicated Server?
GoGrid Dedicated Servers are not customizable. However, we can provide customized ServePath Dedicated Servers that can be used to build a hybrid infrastructure.
Note: ServePath Dedicated Servers cannot be managed through the GoGrid portal and cannot use GoGrid's F5 load balancers or Cloud Storage. Please contact the GoGrid Sales Department at 1-800-946-4743 (Worldwide: 1-415-869-7444) or your Service Team Account Manager.
  • Can I use a MyGSI on a GoGrid Dedicated Server?
GoGrid Dedicated Servers do not currently support MyGSI, however there is a large selection of compatible operating systems available.
  • After I order a GoGrid Dedicated Server through the portal, how long will it be before I can access it?
GoGrid Dedicated Servers will be deployed within two business days.
  • Can I access a GoGrid Dedicated Server via the API?
No, GoGrid Dedicated Servers are not available through the API.
  • How does data transfer work with GoGrid Dedicated Servers?
All inbound traffic is free. GoGrid Dedicated Servers are on the same public and private VLAN. Transfer from the internet to the dedicated server will accrue to your account and be reflected in the transfer section of the billing widget. Transfer on your private VLAN is free. Follow this link to view Transfer Plans.
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