GoGrid offers Managed Services for our cloud infrastructure. These services complement the automated services that we have in place as an option to our customers. While the majority of our customers leverage our self-service management console, Managed Services provides an additional value-added layer for 24/7 proactive monitoring and enhanced security.

Managed Monitoring

GoGrid's Managed Monitoring Service allows you to leverage GoGrid's 24/7 Technical Support team to configure server level monitoring and take action on all generated alerts. Cloud and dedicated servers can be monitored with ping, TCP port scanning, and HTTP GET from three global locations. GoGrid also offers the ability to monitor RAID events for our customers with dedicated servers and RAID arrays. All alerts are immediately treated as an emergency case and investigated by the Technical Support team.

Key Features

  • GoGrid configures the monitoring parameters requested
  • If an alert is triggered, GoGrid takes action and begins troubleshooting
  • Monitoring options include: Ping, TCP Port Scanning, HTTP Get
  • Can be configured for GoGrid Cloud Servers and GoGrid Dedicated Servers (GGDS)
  • For GGDS, we also monitor RAID controller status. Problems with the status of any RAID drives will be detected by RAID controller and alerts are sent to GoGrid Support personnel.

Data Center Availability

Managed Monitoring is currently available in US-West-1, US-East-1 and EU-West-1.

Ordering Managed Monitoring

Please contact GoGrid Sales to order Managed Monitoring.


  • Ping
  • TCP Port Scanning (up to 5 ports)
  • RAID monitoring for GGDS

Getting Help

See our Support page for information on contacting GoGrid for any questions or issues that arise.

Frequently asked Questions

What infrastructure can I monitor?

At this time, only cloud servers and GGDS are supported.

What if I want to monitor more than 5 ports for port scanning?

The current limit is 5 ports. Contact sales for additional information.

If there is an alert, what will GoGrid check?

GoGrid will check all levels of the GoGrid infrastructure to ensure everything is functioning as expected.

Will GoGrid troubleshoot my application?

We'll alert you to any issue but only troubleshoot the GoGrid infrastructure.

How quickly will I receive notification of an alert?

You will receive a case alert within 30 minutes..

How will I be billed?

The service is billed a flat rate per IP. This amount includes ping monitoring, port scanning of up to 5 TCP ports, and HTTP GET. Your invoice will reflect the number of servers monitored in each datacenter. Current pricing is located here.

Managed Security

GoGrid can be your company’s first line of defense against security intrusions. The GoGrid Security Operation Center (SOC) is available to proactively monitor customer Cloud and Dedicated Servers around-the-clock and take quick action on critical security threats. This is a reliable, cost-effective solution for customers who want to leverage our expert security team to perform security monitoring and alerting on their behalf.

The GoGrid Managed Security Service also facilitates customer’s regulatory compliance needs such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by performing asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and file integrity monitoring.

Key Features

  • Facilitates compliance (e.g., HIPAA or PCI) by providing five essentials security capabilities: Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Detection, Behavioral Monitoring, and Security Intelligence
  • Provides around-the-clock security breach surveillance by expert GoGrid Security Analysts

Data Center Availability

Managed Security Service is currently available in US-West-1, US-East-1 and EU-West-1.

Standard Configuration

The GoGrid Managed Security solution is built around a dedicated Unified Security Management (USM) platform, AlienVault’s Unified Security Management™ technology platform, which continuously monitors the customer’s cloud and dedicated servers to meet the customer’s compliance and threat management needs and provide unparalleled security visibility. In addition, the GoGrid Security team monitors your environment around-the-clock and alerts you when a critical and relevant security event has occurred. This includes security breaches and ongoing attacks against your critical assets.

Ordering Managed Security

Please contact GoGrid Sales to order GoGrid Managed Security. You will be asked to identify:

  • A Public IP Address and a Private IP Address to be assigned to the USM Server
  • Cloud servers and/or dedicated servers to be monitored, along with Public and Private IP Addresses for each server
  • Criticality ratings for each monitored server. This helps the GoGrid SOC assess the risk associated with a given security event and determine which events merit customer alerts.
  • Emergency Contact information

Security USM and Agent Installation

Once your order has been reviewed by the GoGrid SOC, our Deployment team will deploy the USM and GoGrid Cloud Storage if it hasn’t already been deployed, in your environment. The Deployment team will collaborate with you to setup the proper accounts, passwords and security packages. For Network Intrusion Detection, we can leverage your existing Cisco ASA IPS by sending the events to the GoGrid USM server. We also can create a virtual Network IDS (NIDS)* on your cloud or dedicated server that routes events to our USM server for analysis and potential action. Next they will install the Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS)*, Host-based Intrusion Detection (HIDS), Virtual Tunnel (VTun), File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), and OSSEC agents on the customer cloud and dedicated servers that will be monitored by the GoGrid Managed Security Service. Lastly, the Security USM and Agent software will be configured to communicate with each other. At this point the deployment is complete and your cloud and dedicated servers are being monitored 24/7 by the GoGrid Managed Security service and analysts.

  • NIDS is currently only available for Linux-based servers; Windows NIDS will be made available in the future release.

Security USM Web Console

You can also access the USM web console using your public IP Address of the USM (eg: http://public.ip) to view the USM Dashboard and any important security threats and alarms, perform ad-hoc vulnerability scans, and run reports.

Following picture explains Managed Security services at a high level:


Security USM

Each GoGrid Managed Security customer is allocated a dedicated Unified Security Management (USM) cloud server in each GoGrid data center where customer cloud and/or dedicated servers would be monitored. The GoGrid team maintains your USM cloud server, updating security attack signatures and the USM software as needed. USM performs several key functions:

  • Collects logs and data to support asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection via Network IDS and Host-based IDS, behavioral and file integrity (FIM) monitoring , and security intelligence
  • Aggregates and correlates data and provides single-pane-of-glass management and reporting
  • Performs vulnerability assessment scans
  • Securely archives security event log data to GoGrid Cloud Storage

Important notes about the Security USM:

  • The Security USM consumes one private and one public IP address in the customer’s IP space
  • The USM is mounted to the customer’s cloud storage. If cloud storage hasn’t previously been provisioned in the data center it will be deployed as part of the Managed Security service.
  • Each USM can monitor up to 30 cloud and dedicated servers in a data center; if more than 30 servers are being monitored, additional USM servers will be provisioned in the customer environment.
  • Customers will *not* be billed for the USM cloud server but standard GoGrid cloud storage ratesapply.

Facilitating Regulatory Compliance

The GoGrid Managed Security service can help you facilitate your regulatory compliance needs. Valuable scans and reports are available which support the following PCI and HIPAA requirements:





Getting Help

See our Support page for information on contacting GoGrid for any questions or issues that arise.

Frequently asked Questions

What operating systems does the service support?

Linux and Windows. For a list of cloud and dedicated server operating systems supported on GoGrid, see here.

What if I don’t see a private IP on my server?

If you don’t see a private IP on your server, you need to statically assign it from your private subnet. If you have Private Network Automation (PNA) enabled, a private IP address will be assigned to any new servers you deploy.

What infrastructure can GoGrid monitor?

At this time, only GoGrid cloud and Dedicated Servers (GGDS) and GoGrid-managed Cisco ASA firewalls and Cisco IPS devices are supported.

Do you install any security software as part of your services?

Yes, we install file integrity monitoring (FIM) and host based IDS packages on Windows and Linux systems. We also install network IDS (IDS) on all Linux systems and we will be providing for Windows in a future release.

Do I need to reboot my system after you have installed your service packages?

No, there is no server reboot required after deploying the services.

Do you maintain and support my USM server?

Yes, GoGrid manages and updates your single-tenant USM server regularly.

Do you do any log management as part of the service?

Yes, we collect and securely stored your security system logs and more.

Will GoGrid help with recovery of my systems after a breach?

No, the service provides with monitoring and alert notifications only.

How quickly will I receive notification of an alert?

Our SLA is 30 minutes upon receiving an elevated threat or breach.

How will I be billed?

Please check the price here.
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